Monday, January 30, 2012

Crock Pot Whole Chicken

I got the idea for this in Our Best Bites Cookbook.  Their blog is on my sidebar, love them!  This is how you make delicious rotisserie chicken at home.  It is waaaaay better, and the meat just falls off the bone, so you don't even have to carve it.  You can season this however you like, this is what I usually have around, so these are the ingredients I have used.  Get creative!  Enjoy.

Crock Pot Whole Chicken

1 whole chicken (3-5 lbs.)
Seasoning salt
2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled and halved
1 medium onion, peeled and halved
Italian seasoning mix (basil, oregano, thyme)

Make 3 medium balls of aluminum foil and place in a triangle in  your crock pot.  The chicken will sit on the aluminum balls to help circulate the heat. 

Prepare the garlic and onion. 

Rinse the chicken, clear out the inner cavity, and pat dry.  Place chicken on plate with the breasts up, legs down.  Loosen the skin, and put the garlic cloves under the skin.  Put the onion halves inside the cavity of the chicken.  Rub the seasoning salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning mix onto the chicken.

Place chicken on the foil balls.  Cover with lid and cook on LOW for 6-7 hours until meat thermometer inserted into the breast reads 160 degrees.


Karen said...

Yum, my mouth is already watering!! I need to try this even though yours I know would taste better than mine. You have a knack for yummy tasting food, even if I do the exact same thing.

Katie said...

This is fabulous, how did I not notice this in the cookbook?